Paleo: It’s A “No Grainer”

Is This Diet Survival Of The Fittest?

In this day and age, there is a diet for literally every type of lifestyle. Perhaps one that you should strongly consider trying is the Paleo diet because it is fairly SIMPLE. One thing you have to do is take out all the things that are full of additives making it difficult for your body to process. You don’t need anything clogging your mind or your arteries. Another thing you must do is exercise. It DOESN’T have to be a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout. Its whatever works best for YOU. As long as your moving for at least 20 minutes your good!

The Paleo diet is not just another fad diet either. It is actually the diet that our prehistoric ancestors survived on for centuries. Some of our ancestors ate a diet devoted to a lower amount of carbs with a lot of animal-based foods, while many others followed a diet based on high carbohydrates with a large amount of plants. It all depended on where our ancestors lived or migrated to. Now with this in mind given your current situation, would it be convenient for you to start on the Paleo diet?

Simplify your life by simplifying the foods you eat. In my book Living Paleo I walk you through The Essentials Of Living Your Best Paleo Life! I’m giving you a list of Do’s & Don’ts for foods. I’m also giving you Tips & Tricks on the Paleo Diet, as well as some starter Paleo recipes! There are TWO guiding principles that you must follow:

  1. You Must COMMIT To Being The Best Possible Version Of Yourself.
  2. You must AVOID processed foods.

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